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Danakil Depression

  • “Feel cool “at the hottest place on planet earth
  • Bonanza of geological fascination camping near active volcano
  • Breathtaking sulphur caked flowers and hot springs
  • Thousands of Camels on caravan loaded with salt bars
  • Villages of Afar Tribe where the first humans lived

The Danakil is an area of singular geological fascination: a strange lunar landscape studded with active volcanoes, malodorous sulfur-caked hot springs, solidified black lava flows, and vast salt-encrusted basins.
It is some measure of the Danakil's geological activity that more than 30 active or dormant volcanoes-roughly one-quarter of the African total are listed by the Smithsonian Institute Global Volcanism Program. These volcanoes are all geological infants, having formed over the past million years, and a great many took their present shape within the last 10,000. The most regularly visited volcanic range in the Danakil is Erta Ale, which consists of seven active peaks extending over an area of 2,350 km square between Ertale Ale (287m, on the West Shore of Lake Asale ) to Haile Gubbi (521 m, about 20km North of Lake Afrera ). Erta Ale is listed as the most active volcano in Africa for over 120 years and the most active until now is over 38 years. . Extracted from a number of salt pans scattered around the Afar Depression, the salt-bars still form a major item of trade for the Afar people, who transport them on camelback to Tigray along the ancient caravan routes with more than three thousand camels lined up.

It is one of active volcanic areas in the world where a lake of malted rock can be seen in a dramatic colorful appearance. It is hard to give a good explanation of the natural phenomenon of the Erta’ale volcano.

Active volcano Danakil and Erta' Ale!!!
No where else but in Ethiopia!!!
Expeditions to Mount Erta Ale, an active volcano whose creator holds the Worlds only permanent Lava Lake!!!
Feel cool at the hottest spot on planet earth for once in a life time adventure!!!

Traditionally the Afar are nomadic pastoralists and, together with the Tigrians, are still involved in mining salt bars from the lake in the Dallol depression and carrying them by camel caravan up to Tigray, along age old routes. In many areas there are rough and sealed roads, and camel caravans are the only way to travel.

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